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Chey Veck has come to a full stop. We grew apart in the last year of absence and no longer feel the passion and energy needed to continue to create magic. We look back on a couple of amazing years. We have been very fortunate to be able to work with and meet so many wonderful people in the creation of Children of the Fall. Thinking about the writing and designing of the album, Pat’s paintings,  Marc’s photoshoot, the recording time with Ernst, the sit-ins and sit-inners, the album presentation with all the kids on stage and the small buzz we managed to create, is still bringing a smile to our faces.

It has been an amazing ride. Thanks for coming along!

What are we up to now?

  • Olav and Nils have completely renovated the studio, and it is likely to become an even better venue for both rehearsal and gig. Together they will continue their musical journey.
  • Pepijn has dedicated himself to his study of criminology, leaving him no time to sing or play. So all of you criminals, you better watch out!
  • Dimitri can be found on stage drumming for Rockdivas.

We were Chey Veck and we love(d) it! \o/\ó/\ò/\õ/




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Goodbye farewell is not, young ones.
Goodbye farewell is not, young ones. avatar

Dear CheyVeckians,

No, we didn’t quit the band. There are no urgent musical differences between the members. We are not sick. We still love to play. However… times are very pressing on the bandmembers. Nils has started his own company and hasn’t seen daylight in months; Pepijn is in the middle of his criminology study at the university of Leiden and will not see daylight for at least the next one and a half year; Olav and Dim have their minds full of everything that happened in 2011 and what will and should happen in 2012.

So as it is, this unlucky combination of factors really prevents most of us from writing new material. Heck, we cannot even find the time to PLAY with a complete band. This situation will presumably not change over the coming months. We fear it might even last for a year or more.

Dear CheyVeckians, we decided to lay very low for the next unspecified period. When the strong currents of our lives have subdued and we find ourselves in calmer water, we will definitely pick up the pace again. Our trust in our music, and more importantly in our friendship, fully justifies this decision.

Chey Veck is far from dead, she’ll just be sleeping for a while.

To end the previous productive period, we will be hosting the NotSoFinalSitIn on the 24th of January, 2012.

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Sit-in blast, noobs and surprises
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Last week, the 8th of November we played another Sit-in. We are losing count of these nanoshows but it must be number 17. Usually we always reïnvite someone, but this night the room was filled with noobs, newbies, first-timers, freshmen and virgins. And due to toothaches and sickness two invitees had to cancell but were quickly replaced. So we welcomed Frank and Iris and their good friend Natascha who flew in from New york just that morning. And Leslo, the legendary Leslo Wanders, yes the mastermind behind Leslo’s Music Café and André and Jorn, two very talented musicians, part of Leslo’s musicians party.

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Sitting in again… a little rusty
Sitting in again… a little rusty avatar

Yesterday night we restarted our Sit-in circus with an ‘excluvians only’ show. Patrick attended, of course he did, our home artist and great friend it’s always nice having him around when we play. Marco was there too, again a great friend of the band and he brought his fiancee Angela. And the fourth sit-inner was Odette, the wife of our pianoman.

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What happened and what’s next?
What happened and what’s next? avatar

We are back! Were we gone? Yes we were, at least some time and musically speaking we were. Last night we had a great blast together after some time of absence. We can still pull CotF all the way, well up until the part where the PA failed again, but after fixing that on the fly we reached the end with little to no damage. But it was a little bit strange after all these months. So what kept us? Well first of all we do have a whole lot of other obligations, like families, studies and a thing called work which is needed to pay the bills. So we took a few months figuring out if we still like these other three important parts of our lives and guess what? We still do!

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